Kostas Tosidis was born on 28th January 1978  in Thessaloniki, Greece.

He completed his musical studies at the ''Agios Pavlos Conservatory'' in Thessaloniki, Greece in Yannis Papakrasas's class. In
2003 he graduated with the highest grade and the first Prize, while in 2005 he was awarded the IKY scholarhip (Greek State Scholarships Foundation) for musical studies.

In 2006 he graduated with distinction and honour from Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria. During his bachelor degree he had the opportunity to be part of Eliot Fisk and Ricardo Gallen's classes. In parallel, he studied in the Landeskonservatorium Klagenfurt with Marco Tamayo, in Mozarteum with Isabel Sieweres chamber and ensemble music, with Simone Fontanelli and Martin Mumelter contemporary music and with Howard Penny early music.

In 2009 he obtained his Masters degree with distinction and honour from the same institution and he immediately became Eliot Fisk's assistant at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria.

Kostas won seven international prizes with the Miscelanea Guitar Quartet, first prize in the Savarez-Corelli chamber music competiton with the duo Tosidis-Nousis; fifth prize (the 2nd and 4th prizes were not awarded) in the ""Competition of interpretation of Contemporary Music"" held at the Mozarteum in Salzburg; and second prize in the ""Veria guitar competition"" in Greece.

His soloistic projects include concerts in Austria, Greece, Germany and Spain where he performed several contemporary pieces such as: Cristobal Halffter's violin sonata, Gyorgy Ligeti 's Cello sonata (arranged by Kostas Tosidis 2009), Luciano Berio's Sequenza, Ton de Leeuw's Interlude, Marios Joannou Elias's Maneuvre and many more; the latter was dedicated to Kostas Tosidis . Kostas collaborated with the Mozarteum University Orchestra under Dennis Russell Davies and in the ""Patra International Music Festival"" with the Modern Mandolin Orchestra under Pedro Chamorro .

Recently, he has recorded his first solo CD including four contemporary sonatas by Alberto Ginastera, Cristobal Halffter, Gyorgy Ligeti , Tal Hurwitz and Atanas Ourkouzounov. Four of them have not been not recorded before.

Kostas Tosidis is one of the founding members of the renowned Miscelanea Guitar Quartet. Their aim was to create a unique interpretation of original compositions for a guitar quartet. The Quartet premiered important works in concerts around Europe and in the USA. Their work is acknowledged by famous 21st century composers, who already have commissioned several musical pieces to the quartet, and they collaborate with artists and dancers. ""Salzburg Concert"", released by the Spanish label Arsis, is the first CD of the Miscelanea Guitar Quartet.

Since September 2016 is a PhD candidate in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
His topic explores the possibilities of playing arrangements of contemporary pieces for cello, violin and viola on the guitar without losing the music’s intention or style. Translating scores originally composed for these orchestral instruments presents a challenge for any guitar arrangement, particularly when trying to find technical solutions for the use of the bow. As part of this thorough study on the guitar technique in relation with contemporary compositional techniques , he plans to include a detailed essay combined with a DVD with technical examples and practical exercises.

His doctorate research will conclude with commissioned works by composers such as Atanas Ourkouzounov, Marios Joannou Elias, Feliu Gassul, Marko Dottlinger and Giannis Papakrassas.

Although most of Kostas's time is dedicated to the Quartet, he works continuously with the composer Marios Joannou Elias. Kostas has premiered most of his work for solo guitar and chamber music. He is currently recordingMarios Joannou Elia's portrait CD (forthcoming in 2014) as the main soloist and member of the Miscelanea Guitar Quartet and other chamber music formations.The recording was in ORF Wien, Austria.

Kostas plays a guitar built by Alector Guitar, uses Knobloch Strings and a guitar rest by Ergoplay.
Designed by Stefanos Michaelides
Photos by Aris Akritidis